Class Organiser

Is an online class or course management software solution that enables Businesses and Franchisees who run classes, courses or social groups, to manage admin and communication, take bookings (and payments) online, check and monitor profitability of each class (and teacher), with a client database all in one, safe place - A complete management solution. Benefits to owners and clients are too numerous to list here, but include:

Why use Class Organiser?

It gives your business a more professional, organised appearance and will save you time and money, offering a greener, more efficient answer to all your business administration needs.

How does it work?

Put simply…from anywhere with an Internet connection, and on any device, making it totally portable. You simply to set up your classes (unlimited), adding venues, teacher and cost details as you go. A click on the ‘book now’ button on your own webpage will open up the Class Organiser website within your webpage so it appears your clients have not left your site and they see a list of classes you offer. Your clients will be able to browse, select and book themselves into the class of their choice. Returning clients, who’ve used the service before will be able to login using their previous login details, saving them time. You’ll receive automatic email confirmation, to tell you that you’ve received a booking and containing all the client’s information, as inputted by them and already stored to the database that is Class Organiser.

For more in-depth details about some of the features of Class Organiser, please see the Features page.

What does it cost?

Your first month is FREE, and thereafter a monthly fee of £14.95 (paid by standing order or BACS), regardless of the the number of classes you run or the number of clients you have attending your classes. There are no binding contracts to sign, simply Terms & Conditions. You can decide to stop using Class Organiser anytime you wish with no penalties being levied – just give us notice in writing of your intentions and we’ll remove your listings at the end of the month you’ve paid for.

For further cost details regarding any additional options that you might want to take advantage of that involve extra costs, please see the Pricing page.

When can I start using the Class Organiser free trial?

Right away, today! If you want to go ahead and start using the software now, simply Sign Up. It’s very easy and full instructions are given on each of your set-up pages. There’s also a helpful User Guide, Tutorials and you can always contact us too of course – we’ll be happy to help asap, and we don't charge extra for good customer service or ongoing support.

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